Thursday, August 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - Play

Hello. I'm back from Trondheim and it was great. (: I love that city. And it was so nice seeing all my old friends again. Well, enough about life.
IF this week is Play, - as I've been away and busybusy I chose to make a new version of an old poster I once did in school. About tango. That's playing fo'sho. Tching tching.

And woho! I'VE HAD MORE THAN 10 000 VISITORS! WEee me. Not in this blog only, tho. :P It share numbers with the outside blog.


  1. Fun illo. I love the asymetrical balance and the use of limited color.

  2. congratulations on your 10,000 views. lovely illu.

    post more.



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