Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Muffin is going caircature

Hello - world of caricatures. I've decided to join.
I made an attempt on my wacom the other day - which turned out terrible.
So on my next go I went the old pencil way and sat down with REAL paper. (:
I made these two of two guys at the drawingboard. And with some real good help from heri on shading and stuff in photoshop, they turned a lot better. (: Thank you, good sir heri.

Photos of the guys.


  1. hah. Im impressed. (And I envy you so much!1! Gahsp. ) Keep up the good work! :/

  2. yeah listen to torstein
    keep it up! that's a lot better than when I started.

  3. (: I will, guys.

    And I'm still waiting for you to show me your very first caricature, heri.

  4. Well yes I am! And I will keep bugging you about it until you show me. And you know I mean it.

  5. I think this is really good! I can't draw caricatures....the last time I did, it became part of nature (disintegrated)! And yes,nothing compares to drawing with traditional tools. :)


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