Wednesday, July 26, 2006

old life drawing

I'm gonna try to post more often, I think. I like posting more rarely, cause that makes people comment more on the few. ;) But I've desided I wont let the comments affect my posting rate! So, - I'll post some random stuff now and then.

Here's a 4 minutes sketch from life drawing class last year. Well, it wasnt really a class, - we just had 3 days during the year with some life drawing. Didn't have time to get any good. :P I know this one has loads of stupid mistakes. I just like it a bit anyway. I don't like perfect. ;)
Hey, maybe I'll find an evening class I can attend to.


  1. you don't like perfect? you draw like an architect, try not to use your wrisk use your arm instead. and put some weight in to it!

    post more often, yes.

  2. Thanks for the advice. :) I'm better at the big ones on staffeli, where I get to use my arm instead of my wrist. I need more practise!


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