Monday, August 7, 2006

Girl with flower in her hair

I saw a girl one day. And she was really skinny, but her hair was very thick. And she had a flower in it. And so I skethced her in my journal. And then I colored her in Photoshop. And that's the end of that story.


  1. how did you make this one, the lines look rough and sketchy, i like it. more!


  2. Did you notice how I tried to herify the background? :) I finnished this a couple of weeks ago, actually.

    It's just a rough skethc with a very soft pencil, - and then i darkened it in Photoshop. I have more. (;

  3. Kjempefint bilde, jeg liker den litt røffe streken og det at du har fått frem personligheten hennes. Liker også illustration friday bildet ditt denne uka!


  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Hey Muffin. thanks for your comment on drawingboard. i saw your blog and was really quite captivated at houw loosae and lovely your work is. Nice stuff.
    i.e Darren

  5. Love this one! I'm sure she'll be flattered if she stumbles across this drawing someday. And how could she not? Really beautiful!

  6. this is very pretty
    I love the style - the thick lines and looseness


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