Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Illustration Friday - Farm

Well - would you look at that. Here I am complaining about friday not coming soon enough, and when it comes - I don't make anything until now. :P How sad am I. Anyway - I guess I'll make another one tomorrow or something. I like this topic. Just been hegg busy this week.


  1. What up Muffin..... I dig this picture.... Soft and Rough at the same time.... Colours are great also... good stuff.... PEACE!

  2. Great composition and colors. Wondering how you made it...

  3. that's really cool - so hard to see but worth trying

  4. Nowland, thanks a bunch. Soft and rough, that's how it should be. ;)

    bill - thanks! I like that comment. :)

    Illustraionblog: thank you, - I had the sketch of the winged pig from some old stuff, and i took it into photoshop and played around with the colors a bit. Also added some texture that i painted and used blending mode to get the effect i wanted. :)

  5. Great illustration! The textures and light colors really draw you in somehow! Do I see a pig with wings? Cool! I'm sure I'll get the true meaning of it...when pigs fly.

    Sorry, couldn't resist! :o)

  6. Nice light colours. Like the placement of the eyes!


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