Friday, October 20, 2006

Morning illustrator

I came early to work this morning so I desided to make something arty. After making the scene stuff in illustrator I gotta say I love this program. Ah. And you wont believe - I actually claimed it was a stupid program only 3 weeks ago. I said the idea with not using outlines was stupid. :P Just ask Torstein.
I take it all back now. I love the idea and I think it is brilliant. And by this I also promise that in the future I will never assume something is crap or stupid just because I cant figure it out myself. :P
So, back to my point: I took this sketch into illustrator this morning.

And this came out. I know it's pretty light in colors, but I like it this way. I even tried reflecting it! You gotta click it to see it properly, but you probably figured that out yourself.


  1. cool! really light colors in deed, seems like there is a fog and she's standing on ice, the weight on it is felt poorly and it doesn't reflect it on the drawing or illustration. I like how it's simple and has little to no shading it works fine like that. I like your environment illustratons also


  2. I love this one!!!

  3. ah, thank you eva! :) thanks for commenting.

    Heri - thanks for the long comment. :) I'm glad you noticed and liked the light weight and the simplicity.
    I had fun trying out the reflection thing, and I was happy to see it work!

  4. Hey Muffin.... Great job on this one.... oh and the "Scenes" as well they all show just how great your ability is to design feeling.... Good stuff... PEACE!

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    lovely ballerina, muffin!


  6. Hey. This is fantastic. Really nice character. You ar better than me in EVERY WAY now! grr


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