Friday, October 27, 2006

October. Booh!

Reapers. I've been watching Dead Like Me almost every day lately.
And it is the season and blah blah.
Scratch, scratch.


  1. I luv it lol :)
    You always pour a well balanced mixture of sugar, skill, creativity and sarcasm in to your illustrations muffin!

  2. stop kissing ass erica!

    you're the best muffin! :p
    (not kissing ass)


    p.s. is this one of your muffin little people, this one is creepy, your colors always balace eachother really well, how do you do it?

    -heri (again)

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Hi Muffin! Looks like a close up of one of your little people! :D


  4. lol, guys - thanks for commenting. (;

    Erica - ass kissing or not (:P) - that has to be one of my favorite comments of all time! Thank you. :)

    Chrismarie - I never thought about that, - but when you guys mention it - it does look like it. :D I never thought I'd get to see any of them up close, now we know what they look like. ;P

    heri - aw. :) thankss. It's creapy yup, I can be creapy.
    About the colors - I always pick one color for starter, - and when I pick the rest I use this color to pick the others. Like - I see if they match in the color picker window, - and I usually pick all the colors from the same "light/dark"-aera in the box. Harder to explain than I thought. ;P But, I love picking colors! Glad you think it works. :)

  5. Ouch! Where is windy? :-) Have a good weekend!

  6. That's gotta hurt.

    Really cool, Muffin.

  7. Chris! :) Thanks, man.
    It hurts. ..but he likes it.

    ehm.. :p


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