Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ninja Lion

Edit: update with some changes, new version.
I like challenges. I've come across a couple lately that I really like, - but they are for members only both of them, so I can't participate in it
Drawergeeks and BlueSky Studio).
What I CAN do on the other hand, - is participate on my own. :) It's for motivation and inspiration, - and they have great topics, so why not!
In honour of BlueSky Studio an their fantastic crew, I give you: Mr. Ninja Lion (yeah, topic is ninja).
Ok, so I got some feedback about the lions tail looking like its penis. :P I changed that. And I changed the position on his right leg, so the legs are more in a pose. I also went for a darker background - still using blue. I think it's better, but I like the light background too. I also tried bluring the background. Geeh... I'm putting out too many options here, arent I. This is just messy. Sorry, everyone. And thanks for looking. :)


  1. oh muffin. These colours are nicer than the rejected ones. Way to keep busy.

  2. Right on Muffin.... these are great.... both of the colours work on their own level.... I tend to perfer dark backgrounds... but I really can't deny the light one... either way I choose... you've done a great job.... PEACE!

  3. wow muffin, you're getting better! also I clicked on muffin from Chri's blog and I saw this and for a second I thought I landed on a different link! this stuff is great! keep it up! I have a chalenge for you, can you post for one week, everyday? 7 post?


  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    nice ninja lion, muffin!!! :D


    p.s. I agree with heri on the 7 day post. good luck with the challenge!

  5. thanks, guys. :) appreciate the comments!
    I did have a lot of fun making this one, - challenged myself a bit, cause i really wanted to go a little extra, try something new.

    heri, i accept your challenge good sir! *throws the glove* '
    But it cant be all new stuff, but I will make a post every day. :) and we'll see if it goes with me as it did with you.

    thanks, chrismare. I like your new icon! (;

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    yes, uh thank Heri for that, LOL.


  7. nice color palette and design!


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