Thursday, November 30, 2006

three illustrations for poems

At school almost 2 years ago we had an assignment to illustrate 3 poems. we were not allowed to use any digital help this time, and we had to use charcoal (and that kind). I chose to keep them as a series and I made these three. (dont even ask what the poems was about .. :P)


  1. THanks for visiting my blog!
    You could write down the poems you lazy girl :P

  2. raaah noo. :P I dont have them anymore.

    But I can say this much:
    1st one is about Afrodite sleeping in the moonlite by the ocean and some guy watching her or something.

    2nd is about a guy who has a wet dream about a very bold woman with huge hair and breasts in a car and some cows.

    3rd is about a man loosing is old dad and having trouble coping with it. and a cat.

    thanks for commenting, both you. :)

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    wow, those illustrations for your poems show alot!

    I like looking at all the tiny drawings. :P


    ps. thanks for visitng my travel blog! more photos to come!


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