Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wedding and drawings

My good friend and sister Tone got married in May last year. I wanted to do something special for the wedding, so me and my younger sister Hilde sat down and wrote a poem about a king and a queen who lived in a big white house and got a babydaughter which they named "Tone".
The royal family did not only have this daughter, they had all together 9 princesses and 2 princes. Yes, it was a big and happy blueblooded family.
As the princess Tone grew up she wandered off in the garden where she met a frog, the frog had to very large front teeth (like her husband had as a kid). The frog scared her so she dropped the crown as she ran back into the house.
The frog turned into a boy (after he was near some of the noseblood the princess shed as she was scared (yeah, she does that a lot. :P) blabla..) and so he went up to the castle to find the head that the crown would fit.
As he rang the bell 8 little princesses ran to the door all wanting to try the crown as is was a very handsome and smashing prince.
But none would fit. The Princess Tone was not there to try it on, she was on the coach sleeping (yeah, she does that a lot too). So the prince went in there, woke her, put the crown on, kissed her and asked her to be his beloved wife. She of course was thrilled and said yes. And so they lived happily ever after into the sunset.

The end.

This was not the original text as it is in norwegian, I just translated roughly the story of it and there you go.. Below are some of the pictures, I couldnt be bothered to post them all. I read this out loud from the stage at the wedding projecting the images on a large screen behind me. It was fun, they laughed a lot. :)


  1. HI ya doin?
    Great story...and love the drawings. take care.

  2. Hi, Michelle!
    Nice of you to drop by here even tho I havent been posting for IF in a while.

    doing good, working a lot.
    Thanks. :)

  3. lindasol10:54 AM

    det jeg husker best er liksom at du snek deg til å si noe før meg.... litt panikk å komme opp der etter brakapplausen du fikk :) nydelig historie da!

  4. haha, det hadde jeg faktisk glemt. Var litt morsomt. Sorry altså.. ;)


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