Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Week Challenge Day 3

I suddenly realized I'm gonna have some trouble fulfilling this challenge as I am leaving for england on friday and wont be back here before wednesday, cause I'm going to Denmark straight after on a buisness trip. Hm.. I have to sort it out, cause I wanna complete it. :P well, something new today. I did this one very quick at work today, after Pascal suggested I should do one myself, as the theme of DrawerGeeks this week is "werewolf". I just startet sketching around a little in Photoshop and this came out pretty quick. I didnt have time to do anything more with it as it was already 10 pm and my ride home from work (yeah, work!) was waiting for me.
Well. bluah.. here is Werebat anyways. I'll do a better one tomorrow!
oh.. we're out of toiletpaper again. I hate when that happens! :P


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    The werebat looks cute, creepy, and funny all at once. :P

    A full moon would be nice in the background too.


  2. i know, i actually started doing the full moon and suddenly my ride was leaving. and so i just skipped it looks kinda dum and pale now, would've helped with some background.
    thanks tho!

  3. Ha, ha, this is cool, like it a lot!

  4. Thanks, Jason! (:

  5. holy smokes! a BAT! love this one! ;)

  6. Holy moly, thanks, Roland! :)


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