Thursday, December 14, 2006


An old joke I did for a picture game for some friends.
It aint easy being blonde.
Hah - look at the way I used to color. All... fully colored! :P

And by the way - I would like to thank everyone who stops by and comments in my blog, I really, really appreciate it and it makes me keep going and want to do more. So really, thanks! *bows to everyone*


  1. I found it to be just too sad that this post, where you thank the world for all your comments, didn't have any comments in it.

    So I decided to fix the problem for you.

    Also, Rio de Janeiro isn't a football player.

    From what I heard, he plays tennis.

  2. hehe.
    how kind. (;

    okay, I'll give in on the Rio-thing. But as for the Maradonna, some people says he's a football player, but i know for a fact she's a singer!!

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    woo, nice eyelashes!



I do love comments,
so thanks and thanks again (: