Monday, December 4, 2006

Illustration Friday - santa might fly

I'm also using this for Illustration friday this time - it sort of fits. :P I havent been submitting anything there for SO long, I just HAVE to get into it again.

Santa might come this year.

And so it is December. Already the 4th! Gosh. I bought myself a calendar yesterday, filled with chocolate (fazer)! :D So now my day starts with CHOCOLATE everyday! :D How nice isnt December, huh.
Well, - time for christmassy stuff. This is the first year in a long time I havent felt like christmas started too early. Maybe they wait a little longer in finland before they glossy up all the streets and fills the shops with christmas candy. I dunno.. Anyway. I CANT WAIT to go home to Norway and my familiy to celebrate christmas. Aaaah. I really really cant wait. :]

Here's a santa for you.

I made it in illustrator using circles only (except for the string of course).
Click it for a clearer view.


  1. Lisaflisa9:57 PM

    Hei Mette! Ville bare vise at jeg faktisk er inne på siden din og ser på alle de fine tegningene dine. er så flink atte...blir kosli å se deg igjen da! Glad i deg vennen... take care. God klem fra Lisa veitdu;o)

  2. how cute, muffin! great and wonderful illo..I tried to click on your link from iF - but it's not working...
    Great job on the theme!

  3. lisaflisa - takk for hyggelig hilsen! :D Kjempekoselig å vite at du er innom og kikker, - og at du legger igjen kommentar. Gleder meg til jula og til å se deg OG TIL Å SE PATRICK! Klem.

    DSi - thank you, good to be back again. (;

    Michelle Lana - Thank you for telling me! I forgot and changed the topic on the post, I've changed it back now. Really, thanks. :) And for commenting.

  4. guess it depends if u been naughty or nice. this is very adorable and would make a great christmas card

  5. cuteness!

  6. this is adorable. amazing what you can get with one shape! so cute.

  7. So cute and adorable! I love this illo!

  8. Anonymous4:44 AM

    who knew circles could be so cute!

  9. lovely idea!

    I want to see more like this.

  10. Anonymous11:56 AM

    pretty illo!

  11. whee! that's so cool!

  12. Oooooh me likey. Especially his face. Sweet!

  13. Thanks guys, all of you. :) I really appreciate the comments and you all stopping by.

  14. Mrs. Claus always did say that Santa was full of hot air...


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