Monday, January 15, 2007

Mufficatur of the great Tooninator

Matt aka Tooninator aka Pro With Markers (those are my words) deserved a .. somethinatur.
So I made him this. And the scribbletattoo on his tummy doesnt say muffin - it says "amanda" as it is the name of his beautiful girl. :)
Check out his work!


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Excellent, a you have got a wide variety of styles you can depend upon...
    great works of art

  2. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Adding to the comment by the person above me.. do you have a prefered style?

    This loose drawing up here is my fave..



  3. Egbert - thank you. :)

    ariel - hum.. never thought about that before. I like sketching/drawing with pencil, I really like trying out illustrator and i love drawing on the wacom in photoshop. I also love painting and inking and pastel.. so.. hum.. hard to say. I do think I can say that the drawings I enjoy doing the most is the muffin style. :) this loose kind of sketchyness on the wacoom. They are quick and somehow have a bit more personality from me in them. Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. again's awesome. And I like how you make up words...I like to do that too.

  5. Hey looks just like me, thanks, I love it! Just kidding . . . really funny, like it a lot!

  6. Tooninator - making up words is almost as fun as drawing! (; Thanks for the comment, still glad you like it. :)

    Jason - hah! Maybe I should try making one of you. ;P (I can take a hint). ..but thanks. :)


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