Thursday, January 25, 2007

Duckuck, Piggy & Fish

Hei hå.
So these are just sketches I did a while back and today I photoshopped them with colors. I like coloring behind the layer of the sketch, just making it blend so you can see the colors and you see the sketchy lines and also the smudge or pencil-lines around. Has a nice feeling to it I think. :)


  1. Hey Muffin.... these are great... I really like the duck... and the pig... and the fish..... damn... I like them all.... check ya later... PEACE!

  2. Just good cute...good illos..

  3. thank you for the kind words muffin! i really appreciate them! you're art is super cute, keep them coming!

  4. those are fantastically simple and adorable. You should make those into a set of prints. I'd put those in a little child's room. Very cute.

  5. J - tha- tha-thank you. GREASE.

    Rogério - thanks for that nice comment. (:

    Martin - thanks for stopping by, man! Your work is so great so it was my pleasure. :)

    Toonynator - That is a really good idea. :) I've got 6 little nieses and nephews who'd probably appreciate them. :) Thanks for commenting and for inspiring!

  6. Hei Metts!

    Gjett hvem som har fisken som desktop akkurat nuh a? Utrolig bra! Digger streken din :) Ble det noe av Si ;D søknad eller?


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