Monday, February 19, 2007

Edit to the previous portrait.

Edit: added another version of the digital lines, - softer and less lines, and also removed parts of it.

After a few tips and crits at the DrawingBoard I did a few changes to the portrait in Photoshop.
I changed the bride of the nose, gave it a more curve and smaller nose. I added some white to the eyeball and gave the neck a more curve. I also tilted the head backwards.

Tooninator suggestions I'd add some lines to it digitally and so I tried that aswell. I like how that turned out. :)


  1. thats the way to do it muff! great addition with those dark lines!

  2. Hey Muffin.. These are great... Cool to see the process... and all the new styles.... So I guess this means I'll just wait back here in the dust... see ya around... PEACE!


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