Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flash again - Walk Cycle with Frank

here's another flash animation i did today. :)

had a loot of fun making it.
warning - put on your headphones -it has sound!

Here's the show! GO!

maybe i'll finish it one day.
thanks for looking, peeps.


  1. its astonishing how fast you are progressing muffin! really awesome stuff! keep at it, im happy that I inspire you, but you also inspire me! good work as ALWAYS!

  2. Laurie11:37 PM

    Hey Muff, Im Lindas friend, dont know if u remember me, but i just wanted to say how much i friggin love your stuff.
    This piece was soooo good, and i love, love love Franky S, so i jus had to write summit. Keep it coming, It really does make me feel happy!!

  3. Susanne2:02 AM

    Ahhh! Du er så genial!!!
    Lage en med giraff også en dag? ;o)


  4. Laurie - if you're lindas friend from the team - then of course I remember. :) Hey, so nice of you to comment and even nicer to know that you actually look at my stuff. Thanks so much, it's very inspiring. :)

    susanne hehe. :D Takk! Giraff var en GOD idé! :D

    piotr - thanks a lot. :) I'm glad you like it and thanks alot for helping out when im stuck. :P

  5. Oh, and Laurie - Franky rocks! :D I had to to my first animation with music with him. ;) It's cool that it make you comment it.

  6. really funny and creative animation, Muffin. i like so much the title who slide on the tree :)
    just one thing (it's the flaviano animator who came out)the hut and the stik are without weight, put less frame when they falls down ;)

    i want to see this video finished!

  7. lindasol6:25 PM


  8. Fun! It makes me want to play around with flash again


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