Friday, March 9, 2007

Gotta looove giraffes.

Heri gave me a challenge drawing a business giraffe.
I had an idea with a lot more businessishness going, but I ended up with this.
Giraffes are always fun - I hope I get to draw them live in South Africa!

By the way - its 6 freakin days until I leave. SIX!!


  1. that's it! no more computer illustration allowed, only drawing and scanning! beautiful work muffin, would be fun to animate! :P

  2. it's so muffinized to the power level 23!
    I also don't see him as a business type giraffe. It would have helped if you gave it more personality by giving us more than just the profile You did well on giving it the shirt and tie, but I wouldn't have recoginize it as a business type unless I was told it was, you should have giving it more than just that, like a briefcase, a watch, a notepad, something business related, adding some visual intrest to the drawing.


  3. Anonymous8:43 PM

    the giraffe looks like he's waiting to perform his stage dance. :P

    OOh yes, definitely bring a sketchbook with you on your South Africa trip. Say "hi" to all the animals for me!:D


  4. Hey Muffin.... Dig the last gang of posts... always fun to check out your stuff... even if the Giraffes are all business.... silly giraffes... Have a good trip... and I'll see you around this here world of blog... never in the real world.... I'm affraid to leave my room.... either that or I couldn't get past the auditions... anyways... Check Ya Later... PEACE!

  5. Very interesting :))


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