Friday, May 11, 2007

Making Internet

Don't ask. :P

But it IS a new muffin drawing, - oh my oh my!
I managed to sneek a wacom at work, - temporarily.
And so I stayed overtime (I did) today to draw a little.

Anyway. Me and my Ice Bear.

D'oh - I live in Norway!


  1. so awesome muffin!! really great composition, such a fun piece! more please this is so wonderful:P

  2. Hey Muffin.... good to see your back pimpin' the blog-ways..... Things for me have been super crazy as of late... I switched jobs... and haven't really found time to update.... so I guess that responsibility will now fall on you.... or maybe I'll just get my ish together.... all in all... its good to see you postin' again.... 'til next time.... PEACE!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeh!!!welacome back Muffin!!! i'm glad to see you again with your crazy hair and your orange Flinstones dress! i broach a bottle of vine for your return...........mmhh, good vine.......mhh, now sorry i need some moment of intimacy with my bottle :)
    see you!

  4. the muffin is back!!!! finally, good to see you posting. now post more! and stay at late at work.


  5. oh and TAG you're it! Post 7 things about you (any topic) and tag 7 others...go!

  6. Another classic. Sweet!

  7. Thank you, guys! :) It's very motivating. And yeaaah, I'm back. ;p

    Piotr - geeesh, again?? :P


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