Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girl in the wind

a quick girl I sketched and colored in Photoshop.


  1. I like the subtle pattern on the dress. I she modeled after you? And thanks for supporting the Sugar project. And we haven't forgotten about the anthology.....

  2. Thanks, Matt. I havent forgotten about the anthology either, working on it..
    I did not use a ref for this, no - she's just from out of my head. Only thing I like about her is the dress. (:

  3. lol, modelled after me? NOW i got it. :P not at all, although I would've loved that dress. I even cut my hair, so no more big and wavy muffin hair.

  4. I just love this illustration. Everything from the expression, the pose, the wonderful texture and color. rock on muffski!

  5. Hey Bryan - thanks a lot! :) I'm surprised you like it so much, but happy you do!


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