Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Girl with an umbrella

Did a quick one tonight. I'm drawing to draw something every day to post. I'd like to do them in the mornings, but I just cant seem to be able to get up that early. :P I already have to drive an hour to work, I cant push it further yet.
So for now I'll do them at night. I drew this after a photo I saw.


  1. you are totally on to something here. the line work, the colors, really really great. More, more, more!

  2. Mette, there is no doubt, you are goooood :P

    I just sat and looked through some of your drawings when a Brit came by. Let me qoute him: "that is thoroughly flabbergasting!". You really do have an unique style! :)
    Ek is dronkgeslaan! ... og sånn, da har jeg skrevet på tre forskjellige språk.

  3. Great grafic composition, very soft and romantic ...


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