Friday, May 16, 2008

DrawerGeeks - Dinosaur!

I finally managed to make something for DrawerGeeks again! Hooray!

Other news:
I've moved out. I'm 25 and I moved out. ;P (ok, I've been living out earlier, I moved back home last summer). But this time I moved in with 4 other girls, in a pretty big appartment closer to the city. It's supernice! We've even got seperate bedrooms, 2 newly renovated bathrooms, livingroom, diningroom etc etc. Lucky us! :)

Tomorrow is our national day here in Norway. 17th of May. The peoples day! Hip-hip-Hooray!


  1. Supernice tegning!
    Jeg må ta meg en tur til dere en dag :)

    Love from big sis

  2. I LOVE this Muffin :) adorable

  3. woo! a dg from muffin! that's so cute.

    happy pre-national day!

  4. it will be great if on the strip will appear a third character: the Mayflower (the ship)XD
    funny as usual

  5. Congrats on moving out Muffin....and super cute drawing. Does he eat little Muffin?

  6. A classic muffin illo. Ha!


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