Monday, July 14, 2008

Outdoor Challenge

11th of July we finished the great, big finale of Outdoor Challenge and the Quest for gold in ElDorado. It was sooo much fun! Everything went just perfect and it was just how a finale is supposed to be! Exciting, entertaining, fun and such a great show!
The youth group in my church were in charge of it all and I've been working on the decoration, costumes, make ups, design etc. Been quite a lot of work, but man was it worth it. :)
I just love what my church is capable of doing! Outdoor Challenge is such a genious thing. Go visit the site at, and if you cant read norwegian just click the articles and look at the pictures. (;


  1. Whoa, impressive sets, lighting and costumes. Wow.

  2. I was there ... It was breath taking! :D


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