Friday, October 10, 2008

A Baby Boy

My dear sister is expecting a baby boy. She's due by the end of October, and I'm thrilled to get another nephew added to the crowd. :D I've got 4 nieses and 3 nephews so far, he'll be number 8 making it even with the sexes. And they are just getting better and better. :)

We had a baby shower for my sister last night. I've never attended to one before as it is a new thing in Norway. A stolen event from America. Well, it was nice. :)


  1. I`m so lucky to be a grandmother one more time:)Hope the little baby boy comes soon and everything goes well!

  2. Ja, det var kjempekoselig synes jeg også!

  3. Yay update!! Kjempesøt Mette!!

  4. eghm? Who is going to have a baby? I can't guess cause you have too many sisters...

  5. My mom is the best. :) (karin) Thanks for commenting!

    Elmina - it's Lene. :) she's just above Tone. She's expecting her third.

    Linda: takker. :)

  6. *stjelebamsetegningtilmilsensbok*

    Takk skarru ha

  7. bare hyggelig. (;


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