Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm honestly not exaggerating when i tell you there's been so much winter this year that i kinda forgot what green looks like. I forgot how it feels to walk on dry, gravely streets, to hear birds shirp "thank God, thank God" (they do say that, my grandma taught me that aaages ago and she speaks birdish). To see people outside, to see them shave off the inch long hair layer they grew during Dark Days. To see us at first hiding from the light. Man, it's so sharp! What is that shining coin in the sky? Ouch! We all put on sunglasses as quickly as we can, and walk around coolish and modernish. Yo. 

There's drip drip drip outside the window all they long, and we sit there smiling, watching it, listening to it, hoping it wont stop till its all gone - forgetting that this is actually used in methods of torture in some countries (in one way or another). Oh no, - we love it. We chop the ice in our front yard, attacking it for a quicker meltdown. A few of us even grab for the hair dryer.

I walked home the other day and I couldnt help but smile and smile. It was warm (as in not freezing), there was less snow (it only reached me to the waist), I met people walking their dog (yeah they dont do that during winter), and as I was thinking that this is it, this is spring coming, a car passed me and attached to its rear - was - a boat. Yes, a boat. The watery, summery, speedy thing you put on the sea when there is warmth in air. It was the ultimate spring-a-ding-ding. I almost choked smiling and I double stepped, twirled and lala-ed. It's here and it's not going back. I dont swear, but if i did i'd swear i've never yearned for spring more than i do now. 



  1. Stakkars, ukommenterte post.
    Du er kul!

  2. Gleder meg til våren kommer jeg og! Snør fortsatt der jeg bor ..

  3. thanks for your comment, I like your photography and your drawings are fun

  4. Gorgeous photography as usual.

  5. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog! It sounded like someone I knew but Tone had to remind me who "Muffin" was. :D Hehe. I don't think I have ever been more ready for spring either!! There is only a very TINY patch of snow to be seen on top of the hill behind Brunstad! Yay!!


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