Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Muffin-Muffin blog?

I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

I wish a muffin would stay fresh forever.
If they did, I could send them all over the world, wrapped in the cutest boxes with ribbon and tags.
And they would smell like an edible heaven to all postmen carrying them.
And they'd have to resist eating them.
And when opened they would be like fresh from the oven, full of crunch, frosting, stars and hearts.

And they would be filled with so much love, it would knock you over.


  1. mmmmmm! Those are gorgeous! Maybe you can't actually wrap them up and send them all over the world, but no one would complain if you shared the recipe. Or I can just start licking my computer screen. (or not) =) lol!

  2. Genüüüdlich! Muffinsene ser bare ENDA bedre ut med så fin design.

    Jammenmeg er du begavet :)

  3. Mmmmm!! Im inviting myself to a muffinparty! With muffins in all shapes, sizes and with all kinds of taste. Bluberry, raspberry, choclate, mint-choclate, strawberry, strawberry-coclate.... all kinds of sugar frosted goodness you can think of.

  4. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Jeg foreslår at vi tar en eller annen fest på Fredheim hvor kakebordet består av muffins! KUN muffins! I alle farger og variasjoner og smak og pynt og papirformer med farger og mønster og .... Det hadde vært kult!
    Tipper Mette roper (eller ihvertfall tenker...) noe sånt som AMEN nå.. :)

  5. ok muffins er godt.


    det designet var fantastisk!

  6. Helt enig med Linda her, det designet var fantastisk! Og hele innlegget bare oser over av kjærlighet, helt nydelig :)

    Bare å vite at du ville sendt meg en sånn muffinspakke holder for meg :) MEN de så ufattelig gode ut, da!

  7. Kjetil9:35 AM

    Denne var sinnsykt kul metten. (:

  8. ÅÅÅÅWWWHHH... :)

  9. Beth, JEG ER MED PÅ DEN! ;D Genial idé. ;)

    takk for alle hyggelige kommentarer!

  10. Yum! Can you send me some! Those look delicious. I have to tell you that I was given the name from my dad. It's not my real name, is it your real name?

    Apparently, when I was born it looked like I had two muffins in my cheeks. And that's how I got the name...

    How did you get your name?

    Love this little illustration. Did you draw the adorable flower in the middle?

  11. I love this! My mouth is watering :)


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