Thursday, July 30, 2009

But is it a drawing?

You could ask.
I made a promise to make and post a drawing tonight. I went to the coffee bar at Brunstad to have my daily Ice Coffee and to draw some. I even bought a new sketchbook (with horses on the outside), but never got to draw any cause a friend came and made it a social evening instead. Quite allright. :)

But I played with the milk powder bag till it broke. The powder spilled on the table and I started drawing in it with a piece of paper. Quite fun, actually. And if not satisfied with the outcome, you can just smoosh it out again and start all over. Almost like a live Apple+Z. My undo button. How often have I not wished for that in real life?

The color I added in Photoshop, yes. Gotta cheat a little, ok? :)

Have a great night everyone!
Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna go running. :)


  1. LOVE it Mette!! Now, what inspired you to draw the man's duck? :)

  2. WHat the HECK!?!?!?!

    in the morning?

  3. oh noooooooooouuu, its raaaining! Cannot run in rain they say. :P it's still morning, though. I might run when it stops. ok?

    Jackie - hum, i dont know. ;P it just happened. Sometimes (or very often) things just draw themselfs, I'm simply holding the pen (or the paper). I do love to see what will come of it, though - it's always exciting!
    And thanks. :)

  4. Wow! Du er imponerende kreativ :)

  5. Morsomt :) Badeanna. Den kom fordi du ville bade!

    Fortsatt på Brunstad assa? Tar det seg opp med folk der ute?

  6. Wow! this remind me of the post I did where I drew on the back window of my car i drew by removing the dust and dirt that had collected over the days of not washing my car.

    Yes, It's still a drawing! and boy do I wish there was a Control Z button in life! who wouldn't!


  7. Anonymous8:35 PM


  8. Hoho! this reminds me of a-lag!! Jego og Laura hadde noen "Sugar-art dater"... :p Morro...!


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