Saturday, August 1, 2009

A thrilling job, indeed!

Working in the stable at The Next Best Place In The World is such a delight. :) 

8:30 am - walking horses to the paddocks

Pssst: The first time i walked the horses I loved it. How easy it was, just leading the way, talking to them in a soothing voice, feeling very powerful (yes, I did!). Second time walking them was a little bit more scary, but still ok. But now - gosh! Heart throbbing in chest, sweat on forehead, shaky hand... and also, the horses being way more crazy! Still, it was ok today. Wonder how it'll feel next time. :P 
9:30 am - cleaning boxes. Shoveling poop, locating pee, removing and dumping. 

10:14 am - radio is on. Next song: Thriller! Can you NOT dance when Thriller gets on? 
I know I can't. ;P

11:00 am - done with the boxes - hallelujah. :) 

12:00 noon - lunchtime for horsies, putting hay out (getting hay everywhere including inside pockets and in boots)

12:30 pm - lunchtime for humans, eating out in the sun. Sun burning skin. :) 

Psssst: We've had rain, rain and rain for days and weeks, - but when my weekend working with the horses comes up, - there is sun. The sun is always shining when I work at B-stad, - I tell you!

3:00 pm - putting horses back in the boxes. 

And so is the day in the life of a horse (thrilling, indeed). :)


  1. Åå, det virker så koselig!

  2. Pst! Det er ikke lenge siden 'hestehov'-innlegget ditt..

  3. Jeg leste ALT, Mette...! He he... Høres skikkelig koselig ut! Jeg får skikkelig lyst å jobbe der... Sikkert ikke like koselig når det regner, men... hehe

    Er det Renate på bildet eller? Hehe, tok litt tid før jeg så at det var deg;)

    Have a very nice day today!

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    =) i like!

  5. jeg digger den posten her!


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