Friday, October 9, 2009

DrawerGeeks - Where The Wild Things Are

I sooo so wanted to do this one. :)

Awesome artists all over the world have been drawing Terrible Yellow Eyes from Where The Wild Things Are for a long time now and I've loved to follow the blog collecting them all.

Have a look here. <- There.
I also urge you to go see the rest of the DrawerGeeks.
thats us.
(I really should be doing more of these ...)

Also. Yes, there's a movie coming out. I'm totally looking forward to see it. :D
You can watch the trailer here. Yup. <- There. Before the Yup.


  1. Utrolig morsom tegning! Og veldig bra selvsagt! Du er så utrolig dyktig i alt du gjør :)

  2. Jeg gleder meg så VILT mye til den filmen :D Gurimalla, den må bare bli fin :D

  3. Gjett om jeg gleder meg til den filmen!!!

  4. Gleder meg :D Det blir meg og barna i kinoen den dagen!

  5. Åååå! Denne digga jeg Mette! Reminds me of Totoro!! :)

  6. Sv: Hihi, det var bare hyggelig vettu :D

  7. Oh, all time favourite den boka. Er det en film? Tenk at jeg visste ikke! Jeg har terrible yellow eyes i figur, han er så fiiin. :) Kjempesøt tegning!


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