Thursday, December 10, 2009

Post-it Daily 10th

Aaaand we've reached the double numbers!
Only 2 weeks to go.
Hey, that's a pretty long time when you think about it. :)
You would appreciate a 2 week trip to Spain, wouldn't you?

Relax. 2 whole weeks? Phew! Plenty of time!

Today it's all about the big, very brief, wave, hello&gubbai by Obama 'n wifey.
I'm a tad dissapointed they wont attend to the concert. Not that I'm gonna be there, but ... come on! Just for the first 30 minutes? No? 20?

Btw - I really did get some shopping done last night. What a relief. :)
Only 30 more to go!


  1. Så søt kalender!

  2. This reminds me of something I was doing with daily postcards:

    It's *really* hard to get something across in such a small box --but you're doing a great job! :)

    Have you thought about exploring the color of the post-it show mood or maybe day vs night time?

    (Thanks for posting!! it's always fun to read your stuff)

  3. Jeg digger kalenderen dine! (selvom jeg ikke kommenterer hver gang) Studerer hver tegning nøye, for å få med meg alt :)

  4. Gleder meg til å se dine flotte dekorasjoner i morgen! :-)

  5. De er så festlige de illustrasjonene dine altså. Gleder meg til å kjøpe kort av deg. Og du er så flink til å pynte til fest. Ble veldig bra:O)

  6. Snakker vi forresten 100 000 lesere snart eller? Blir det fest med giweaway da? ;O)

  7. Takk for hyggelige kommentarer!

    Therese: Hah, ja det må jeg se om jeg får til. ;) Det går sakte, men sikkert oppover!

    Gro-Elisabeth: Moro å høre. :)

    Danny: Thanks for the comment. :) I took a peak at your site, looks like you're making a lot of fun stuff! :)

  8. I really, really enjoyed this post! :D It's not only about the post-it, but everything you write, and the way you say it.

    (I read it yesterday, but I was a bit too stressed to give a comment ;))


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