Monday, December 21, 2009

Post-it Daily 19th

Yes, it was 19th two days ago, I know.

But don't you worry. I've got a story for you:
It was a busy weekend. From one end to the other.

And now I have some thoughts about smoking.

Smoking is disgusting.
Quit smoking before smoking quits you.

I am so so very thankful that I'm not exposed to smoking in my daily life. No one in my family smokes. None of my friends smoke. Not one at work inhales a thing and I never attend parties where there are smokers. Not in a "I'm not coming if a smoker comes" way, just that I dont mingle with that kindle. I don't hang with that gang.

As we cleaned out the appartment from the old couple who were moved to a home for old people, I realized how thankful I am that I don't have to deal with smokers.

The place was yellow.
And I dont mean painted.
When we picked pictures down from the wall, we discovered what pattern the wall paper had. Glass inside cuppoards had a sticky, gluey gooey yellow surface. Just about everything in the appartment was ruined by the smoke.
I smelled of smoke when I came home.

I love you, Hot Water & Soap.


  1. I've heard of houses like that that have been smoked in for years. Disgusting.

    Quit smoking before smoking quits you. I like that.

  2. ..I dont mingle with that kindle. I dont hang with that gang..

    Oh how it made me smile :)

  3. Mm, me too, Linda. And "I love you, Hot Water & Soap."
    Du skriver funny :)

    Du kan gjerne komme å forkynne det glade anti-røyke-budskap til alle våre naboer. Vi har nemlig en hel bunch her som trenger å høre det.

  4. Liv Kari - skulle jeg gjerne gjort! Det er jo nødt til å senke verdien på leiligheten betraktelig om den er nedrøyket? Fysjameg.

    Ord er gøy når det må gjøres for og ikke leses igjennom. :)

    Sparks - be glad you've only heard of it so far.


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