Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty Ten

is here, my friend.

I just had to get that Christmas post off the top.

Twentyten will be good.
It will be good - and full of good food.
It will be good for my health and surely my wealth
and life's finally where it should.

It will include my newfound hobby
which is to stop the becoming of chubby
meaning life will be alot more active
I will not let my self be passive.
I will use my brand new skipack
(which will give me an awesome six pack)

I will bring fruits and cocoa in a backpack
I will reduce my ingestion of snacksnack.
(Not like completely stop
cause we all know that I would give up.)
But seriously give it some slack.

I will focus on being happy
not sappy or crappy, just happy.
I've got reasons to smile every day.
Every hour infact, and I'll lay
my life in God's hands, cause He knows
what's best for me and He loves
me more than I know. Did you know?
Same goes for you, my friend.
Choose a good life in twentyten.

Is it weird that the first good thing I thought of was food?
(Nina, you dont have to answer that ;P).


  1. UTROLIG bra mette. You got talents. Gleder meg til hyttetur:O)

  2. HaHa:D Rått Dikt Mette! Du er rå;)

  3. slenger meg på: du er rå!

    (hoh, det rima! eg er prima)

  4. Du er fabelaktig...Hm OG jeg gleder meg til hyttetur med Polly og Mette og alle dere andre!!

  5. Sykt rått dikt;) Ler..


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