Friday, April 30, 2010

Bicycling business and a badger bully

As I've been riding my biiiiicycle lately I've noticed one thing about myself and one thing about other cyclists.

First myself: I. Don't. Mind. Being. Outdoor. In. A. Tricot. Like, I'm actually confident and feel like I'm part of the work-out-world and it's more ok to look slightly off (moderate speaking) in tricot, than being lazy in comfy pants and hoodies. Us work-out-folks are the ones laughing at YOU.

Keep in mind I've been eagerly working out (every other week) the past 2-3 months. I'm a pro.

Other cyclists: They treat me like I'm a part of their group. Every cyclists I meet, even the old lady with her basket and carrots gives me a wink with the eye and and a flick of the bell. They cheer me on and smack my back and I swear (not really) they can tell I'm a freshman at this. They are big hearted people, it's nice to be part of the bicycle family. (:

The Badger Bully: I was driving back home last night and as I cornered a corner I saw an animal twitching and shaking on the ground in front of a still standing car facing me. I slowed down, thinking "oh noes, he hit a fox and now he (the fox) is dying! I don't wanna have to participate in finishing him off, let me pass!"
And then I came closer and I saw my first badger in full light (I've seen shadows of them, scariest thing there is. Did you know they bite you until the bone's crushed?). But what seemed like a hurt and twitching badger turned out to be two bully badgers, stuck to each other in a fierce bite, fighting like crazy, slamming the other on the ground in turns. Eeeww, I hate badgers. I hate the badger song. I hate that story about the frog and the badger and the mole living in the sump. My worst childhood memory.

Well, short story even shorter: They fell off the side of the road after a minute or so, and us jaw dropped chauffeurs could continue our drive. It was amazing and truly a story to tell.

- - -

Who in the world LIKES dried banana? Stick your finger in your ear and lick it, - THAT's what it tastes like.
So job fruit deliverers: Quit putting dried banana in my nut mix. Thanks.


  1. hoho, tørket banan er ikke vondt.
    jeg møter grevlinger rett som det er på vei hjem fra Fredheim. Feite, kortbena grevlinger. Man tenker:"for en stoooor katt" også skvetter man da man oppdager at det er en greveling grevelang.
    Spreka ass :) Tights-spreka!

  2. Anonymous3:22 AM

    "Who in the world LIKES dried banana? Stick your finger in your ear and lick it, - THAT's what it tastes like."

    I actually laughed out loud. Thank you.


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