Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Bea-utiful Monday

The secret of the biscuit part? You wanna know?
It's easy, but not something everyone can do.

First put your muffin mixture in your muffin cups and insert into preheated oven.
Then leave for a while.
And then leave longer.
And finally leave too long. 

There you go, - biscuit muffins. :)

Although - getting through that crunchy outside was totally worth in. Inside was soft and yummy (at least when eaten right after I took them out of the oven (benefit of being the muffin maker)).


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    this photography is just as good as those muffins look. Great colors, great layout, great texture. Well done.

  2. hah :) ser digg ut da..

  3. Mm! De ser absolutt gode ut.

    Jeg gjorde omtrent det samme når jeg lagde blåbær-muffins i går. Bunnen ble temmelig brent, men gjestene var greie og sa de smakte godt likevel.

    Brent Blåbær. For en fin alliterasjon.

  4. jeg smakte de hos studentene hos IA. de var digge. punktum.

  5. Du er jo bare så flink!

  6. Oh my goodness, these look BEAUTIFUL! Mmmmm, I can imagine the crunch and soft center. That is just heavenly. And I love the toppers you've put on them!


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