Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to get to the top?

You walk it, baby!

Almost 5 hour drive on friday night, reaching the lovely cabin at 11pm with freshly made fish soup on the course. Just yummy and perfect for my tummy and then a good nights rest in the bed (I'm so glad we didn't go for the tent-solution ;P). Up with the sheep the very next morning (they seriously almost entered the cabin), ready for the big climb. :) The weird thing though: the worst part was the first 20 minutes! After that it was just easy, peasy. Not really, but once you got the pace it just went on and suddenly 4 hours past and we were climbing to the top. :) Before I walked I thought the picture I posted in the previous post was the whole of Besseggen, but lol - that was just the last part. :)

Oh, and what's more appropriate than a jumping-pic? :)

I gotta say though - I loooove the mountains! Norway, so so beautiful. What next mountain to conquer, girls? :) I'm in.


  1. Ah, nydelig. Im in next year..:)

  2. Det så digg ut! Jeg fikk aldri rota meg til å gjøre det som ugift, men det har jeg sannelig lyst til nå! Noen som blir med...? Hehe
    Digg med barnefri da..;;)

  3. Kilemanjaro kanskje?! ;)

  4. Jeg har mange på lista:)
    - Galdhøpiggen
    - Bukkelægeret
    - Glittertind
    - Prekestolen
    .... ++++

    Jeg er klar for neste i aug/sept jeg :D


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