Friday, August 13, 2010

Muffin on: What To Eat For Lunch

I am soooo so sick of eating Wasa Cracker Bread (?) for lunch. Every. Single. Day. What do people eat for lunch, I thought - what can I make to increase the level of satisfaction during my lunches? Lunch is everyone's favorite part of the day, right? But this boring food! I couldn't stand it any longer.

So I started paying attention to other peoples eating habits, and lucky me - I got two very helpful and healthy sisters who make interesting lunches. I will fill you in on both, but here goes number one.

My hardworking sister Tone probably felt like I do, and instead of sobbing about it, she made The Tuna (almost her name) Cottage Nut Mix. And then she sent me the recipe and saved my week.
The text next to the tuna says: "they're not really whole like this" (I found it hard to draw tuna meat). 
Soooo ... you might say like I did: "Tunaaa?? that's cat food!" And yes, it is. But also human food and mixed with this stuff it's actually really good. I've always hated tunafish, everytime I smelled it I could see our Cat (may she rest in peace) chew away on a chunk and it just made me sick to my stomach to even think of eating it myself. Ever seen how a cat eats? Yes, exactly. But let me tell you - I liked this. It's the first time I've willingly eaten cat food (tuna), and then had some more.

To spice this up a little you might add stuff you like, like onion, tomato, ... etc. No limits!

Enjoy! :) 
Oh, and if you've got some really good lunches to recommend - I'm more than welcomming it. Leave a comment here or send me and email to themuffinblog @ I might even illustrate it. :D


  1. Hilde little sis8:59 AM

    Nam. I wanna taste some of that. Right now.

  2. Å, for en innmari skjønn tegning! Jeg elsker tegningene dine!

  3. hahahah, den måtte komme! bare venta på det ;)

    hmm... lunsj ja ... Axa multi crush med blåbæryoughurt er jo dødsgodt, takk for tipset :)

    ellers pleier jeg ofte å ha ingredienser til salat i kjøleskapet på jobben. Mixes fort og gæli ;) Avocado, cherrytomater, kyllingkjøtt til salat ++

  4. Yeah for TUNA! :)

    Haha så kul blogg! Og den tunfisk blandinga er faktisk veldig god!! Pleide å spise den i mine sunne dager, for 8 måneder siden.. før murpuss tok helt overhånd haha :D

  5. Anonymous5:22 AM

    I'm in the same boat right now - I am. Very. Tired. of salads. Like them? I do! But something else is needed... This sounds good enough to try. Thank you! Love the illustration too!

  6. I'm not a big fan of tuna fish either, it does seem a little too much like cat food. But I do like it mixed with tuna a pickles! I might just try it with some nuts and cottage cheese now that you put that idea into my head.

  7. Kult. Det har jeg lyst til å prøve.. :)

  8. Well by gum, I'm gonna try that. Will report back.


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