Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What can I stuff next?

Not a news flash, but I am obsessed with food. 
Yesterday I gave my eating behavior some rethinking and I remembered this:
I chewed a gum. Then I spit it out and snacked on some nuts and raisins. Then I got tired of the taste so I ate some candy from Denmark. Then I got a headache from all the sugar so I took a gum. I chewed some minutes and trashed it. Two minutes passed and I'm thinking "what next? what can I eat?". I find some sugar free pastilles and I eat 15 of them. I refill my water bottle and drink. And drink. And drink. And then some nuts. And then I drink. Oh, did I mention the three coffee cups in between? And it goes on forever and ever and ever. 

I'm gonna get so so very fat, I can vividly picture it. 

Talking about food. Look at the cutest food on a stick (stiiick) from Sweet Paul. :)

How's that for some office snack.


  1. wow.. kjente at den der traff meg ganske bra!:P

  2. haha, Edith. ;) Godt å høre!


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