Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A bouquet of Muffins

If you make me this, I'll be yours forever.*
(*not really, I'm just trying to make you see how much I love this :)).

This awesome birthday cake was made for Heather and by Carrie.


  1. That is so cool! I love it too! You should get Mirjam to make them for you! ;) (actually, they're cupcakes - muffins don't have icing) ;) :D

  2. Hey, they're muffins! ;P muffins can be what you like them to be. But yes, they're so cool - and if I fail at trying myself maybe Mirjam will make some. ;)

  3. Cool! Post pics if you do make them! ;)

  4. Vi kaller det muffin i Norge hvertfall! ;) Jeg har sett en how-to. Er visst ganske enkelt.. (?) Ser kult ut! Wow-effekt!

  5. stilig blomst!
    You are so welcome back! Indeed!


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