Friday, October 29, 2010

The week ends with weekend

My sister did an "about me" post for NIB, and I'm not gonna do the same, as I'm no interior blogger - but I did like her inspiration folder collection thing, so I made one of my own folder and thought I'd share. :) 
None of these photos are taken by me and none of the illustrations are made by me, but I'm sure whoeever made these are more than happy that they inspire me and make me happy - and therefor, I'm sure they forgive me for not being able to link them all.... ouch, but that's life. ;P 

Some links, though: 


  1. AAAAHHHH, lovely. Just lovely.

    Love you, sis :)
    Hjemme i helgen, eller skal du på BCC?

  2. Her var det mange godbiter :) Takk som deler :)

  3. Toon - Takk. :) er nok på BCC, ja. ;P Til kl 20 i kveld.

    Lena - Selv takk! :)

  4. Ok ;)
    Så du at du var på inspo-greia mi? :D


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