Friday, December 10, 2010


Hah, this is fun! I love that so many are participating in the giveaway. I KNEW you guys were out there somewhere! Nice to know for sure. And also; thanks for the lovely comments! You are all the best and YOU are a worthy winner. I especially liked the comment "fisk" (takk Andrea. ;)).

Last night was the Christmas party for the Activity Club. I love those girls! Every room was in chaos, the mess was unreal and the cleanup took a while, but the funny marzipan pigs/hearts/santas/monsters, the smiles and the laughter and the hugs and the little santa-dressed heads made it all worth it. Like it does every time. :)

Morning brain fog: I couldn't start the car, so I had to take the buss to the office. I ran for a bus and had no idea when my transferbus would arrive, so instead of jumping off the bus down the hill and walk the 20 minutes to the office, I took the bus to the bus station and stood there waiting for an hour instead. :P Smart, Mette.

Only two weeks until Christmas Eve! Quick, - hug someone!

ps - giveaway is still open! :U
pps - who figured out my genius binary number title? ;P


  1. Hans Peter1:51 PM

    Komplett kaos og anarki i Hamar på tilsvarende festivitas tidligere i måneden. Pepperkaketilgrising (ikke pynting), julekurvmakulering, marsipanfråtsing og julekortnedslaktning. Ja, sogar boksing på scena ... Men du, så morsom kveld!

  2. Hehe, sounds like fun. Again. :D (it's the last 10 in '10)

  3. Theresa - not a bad suggestion! ;) It really is as simple as 1010 = 10 in binary number. ;)

    Hans Peter: Det er vel det beste kaoset som finnes, heldigvis. ;)

  4. ...hvor er 11., 12. og 13. desember....?

  5. betty da - ikke mas! ;P det kommer. ;)


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