Sunday, December 19, 2010

19th was a didley dodley day.

What the post-it says.

Ok, let me fill in cause I didn't have room ro draw it all on one post-it. I love Sundays. :) I slept in, I drank coffee in the stool by the fireplace with my flatties and waited for the room to get warm enough to work in. I then sat down to draw. I was supposed to draw some of it the day before, but let me tell you a full day working at the stable kinda leaves you in a tiny bit of need for some rest and mommy-love @home-home.

Anyways - Sunday was gonna be my working day. I drew and drew for this project I needed to finish and I knew I had some drawings at the computer at work I needed to get before 3:30 PM and at 3:15 I dressed up ready to go and suddenly remembered my keys and how they at that moment did not rest in my pocket, but at the table in the barn in Sande. BURN! I had to wait for someone to take them halfway to me and meet them there, and then to the office I go and then to meet the media-geek-aka-mr. veierland and explain what to do with the drawings. Then run out to the car, fall in the snow, get wet, drive to another meeting half an hour late and do my best there, skip out the door around 9pm-ish, drive to my coffee-date with The Østgårds, my brother and cousin and that totally made my day. :)


  1. Wow, ble nesten andpusten av å lese detta... hehe... Stå på Mettemor! ;)

  2. Takk for det, Silvia! ;) Var litt av en dag, men endte godt!

  3. Endte jo helt fantastisk! :)


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