Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy 21st!

First: it's my sisters birthday! Happy happy birthday! Fun story: she was quite upset with mum when she was a kid cause of her birthday being so close up to Christmas. Aaaand when did she give birth to her own second child? Christmas Eve itself. ;) Anyway, love you sis! Love your creativity and your big, warm heart for everyone. :)

Second: It's itty itty bitty Christmas! :U Time flies.

Third: Guess who I saw today! :U Yes, Lisa - but that's not it. Yes, Dennis - but he's not it either. I saw Mr. Sun! I almost forgot he's actually out there during daytime. :] T'was nice seein' you, mista sun.

And people: Stress: down. Breathe: out. Be: happy. Smile: cause it's almost Christmas and it comes just as quicly this year as eeevery other year. ;)


  1. Maylen7:30 PM

    Awszm drawings! Luv it!!

  2. 3 days - its lovely AND skremmende, men mest lovely! :-)

  3. Du er så flink til å se det positive i alt Mette! Digger deg for det;) Er så morsomt å lese post-it´ene...;)

  4. Apropo sol, du vet det snur i dag?? Nå blir det lenger og lenger dager igjen..yes!
    (Jeg kom som et lys på årets mørkeste dag i følge tante Ågot..)
    Takk for i kveld. var veldig koselig at dere kom:))) You made my day..


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