Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm a DrawerGeek!

I have now officially joined
DrawerGeeks! :D
Go check out the last (well, check out everything) challenge and you will see Mette Johnsen! Yay! :D That's me!
Every other friday from now on I will participate in this challenge. :)
You all better pay attention and cheer!


  1. congrats muffin, u deserve it! yay:P

  2. Remember- the geeks shall inherit the Earth!

  3. Hey Muffin.... Way to go on gettin' in to Drawing Geekdom... looks like some cool things are goin' on there.... also... through my snoopin' around I stumbbled across the Banana Muffins.... I like seein' people workin' on the same projects/ideas so I guess that's a good job to you & Piotr.... and yeah..... see you around.... PEACE!

  4. Hi Muffin,

    Thanks for your post on my Blog. Have put a reply there for you.

    Just had a browse on here and I have to say that your work is wonderful but I am in love with that Lion!

    I'm a Lion nut, please draw me some more super cute lions and I will add more to my blog waht ever you request.

    P.S. my internet is playing up and I'm littering your site with deleted posts...Sorry.

    Cheers, Bats

  5. Hehe, - now that's a great deal, Bats. :D I can make you some lions, of course! I love lions too.
    Thanks for the nice comment about my stuff, - I appreciate you taking the time to browse. :)

    and dont worry about the littering- I know how to delete. (;

    piotr, tony - thanks also for commenting. :)

    jason - yay! thanks. :) and yeah, bananamuffin is fun! and it'll get better. I love the idea.

  6. ah, nice, the last one remind me of.. dragonball z.

    when he's mad and going to get this powerlevel higher.



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