Tuesday, February 13, 2007


For the sake of an update.
A couple of sketches I did a few weeks back.


  1. Cool drawings!

    Love your muffins! :)

  2. Love his poses!!!!

  3. Hey great life sketches Muffin.

    So how do I send you your lion?

    Cheers, Bats

    P.S. I hadn't noticed until just now that you are in Norway. I went there last year and spent a couple of weeks around Flam and Bergen. Beautiful Country!

  4. Hey, thats so cool. :) My dad is from Bergen. It's a beautiful country indeed. Why did you go there? I am currently in Finland, but I will be going back to Norway in 4 weeks. :)

    Send the lion to septra at gmail dot com! :)

    thanks for commenting, guys! :)

  5. Hi Muffin,

    Sent that lion not sure if I got your email right.

    If you did get it, hope that you liked it and that the Valentine theme isn't perceived as weird, it's just what I was thinking about today, just wanted something cute, not freaky.

    Cheers, Bats.


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