Thursday, February 15, 2007


Okay guys, - I have discovered it. And I LOVE it. FLASH.
I've opened the program a few times, but I never really got around to check it out any further. I did the "move blue ball across pink screen"-test, but nothing more. So two nights ago I sat down, opened the Help-book and read about frame-by-frame-animation. :)
And so I started on a simple one,- just moving around eyes an mouth. I did about 30 frames. the next morning I came to work early and I did another 140 frames, adding a little more story to it. It's very simple but SO MUCH fun doing! :D I will surely dig in to this program now.

Here's the animation if you want to have a look.

I also tried out drawing in Flash and I gotta say I enjoyed it very much. I really lik this medium. :) I did this one for Valentines Day yesterday. Click for full view.


  1. ya! Great job Muffin, this style is so original and I can't wait for you to do so much more! Now Flash has a new master, watch out world!

  2. I really like your animation, it has spark!

  3. cool animation! keep them coming!;)

  4. I'm tagging you Muffin! So please state 6 weird facts about you!

  5. Linda Solberg4:55 PM

    animasjoner i flash har liksom jeg og drivi med - hurra! jeg lagde akvarium med svømmende fisk og en liten tegnefilm og sånt stæsj :) åh - alt ligger på skoledisken så jeg får ikke vist deg mine kunster.
    flash er veldig lekent da, og er gøy enn å lage programmer i Delphi og databaser i Access..
    See you soon!
    Adnil Greblos

  6. oh no!!! this is gonna lead to some hilarity....I can smell it. Can't wait to see what comes from this flash playin'

  7. Thank youuu guys! :) And Linda!
    Ooh, jeg vil se det du laget! Fåtaki! :) Jeg holder på å lære nå, og det er så gøy! Du burde fortsette på det. :)

    Piotr - maaan, do you really think there are SIX weird things about me? Na-ah, only one big. :P Ok, i'll try later on. I was already tagged, actually.


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