Friday, June 8, 2007

DrawerGeeks - Cinderella

DrawerGeeks this week (as for today) is Cinderella.
Oh.. I love the topic. :D

So here's my cutsie one of a young Cinderella.


  1. this was my favorite one this week, mette! you really did something special here.

  2. very nice job with the theme and great hands mette! :P

  3. Thank you, guys! :)

    Mike - really? :D

  4. Verrry cute! I love her pose and the kitty is the icing on the cake of her head. :)

  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    aww, this is absolutely lovely,muffmuff! :D

    I love her pose and the kitty in her hair!


  6. Tom Conger7:11 PM

    My account at drawergeeks has been pending approval for about a month now... any tips on how I can speed up the process?

  7. Hi, Tom
    I assume you tried signing up at the forum.. if you read the FAQ's at DG you will see that you can only be invited or recommended by already members of DrawerGeeks. You will then be considered and maybe invited... Sorry, thats all I know. :) But good luck! Do you have a blog somewhere?

  8. Tom Conger6:32 PM

    I have a website, but no blog.

    If you like what you see, do you think you could do me the favor of recommending me? I'd love you forever. The username I signed up with is "Conger"


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