Sunday, June 3, 2007

Taking photos on Safari

I made this today for the certificate that were given to the winners of a photo competition after the Safari I went to in South Africa. :)

yup, we saw a lot of warthogs. (;


  1. I can't believe it...everything I see here is just huge and wonderful..I'm a songwriter from Italy and I've used one of your paintings for my blog, hope you're not sorry about it. I'm on myspace, have you got a myspace page? Would you like to listen to my songs and become a friend of mine? You're the best!! I love everything I see here, please write me back! I'm so curious to hear from you because you're talented, you're an artist!! thanks

  2. hah so much fun, your style is so perfect because you are so simple! wondrous as always mette!

  3. I love this. Sooooo much character. So when are you going to start pitching children's book ideas to publishers? The children's book market needs you!

  4. Hey Muffin.... That warthog is fresh.... oh and thanks for stoppin' by my blog.... I'll see what I can do about getting somethings up..... without the long wait in between..... maybe... anyways.... good stuff... and thanks again.... PEACE!

  5. i'm waiting for your South Africa Journey's report! better if it's an illusttated report :)

    and thanks for the kind word on my blog/portfolio.

  6. i love you giraffes....always fun. And your sound effects you put in

  7. thanks for the nice comments, all of you. :)

    Bryan - Eeh. :) Thanks for saying so! You're really encouraging me into trying that for real. I'd love it. Thank you.


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