Thursday, October 30, 2008

Being sick can be kinda nice

1. I get to be at home
2. I get to watch it snow from inside
3. I get to go outside and sniff the snowy air. The smell of winter is just great. :)
4. I get to walk around in comfy clothes all day. Baggy pants and sweat-shirts.
5. I get to try and eat a little of everything, but then not manage to eat after all and leave bits of food everywhere. :P
6. I get to see the dusk come and turn the sky orange and purple and then dark.
7. I get to light candles all over the living room, creating the feeling of Christmas getting closer
8. I get to watch Ugly Betty and Heroes
9. I get to eat clementines!
10. I get to have the feeling of not having anywhere to go for the night. Just staying home. :)


  1. 11. I get to copy my cool friend Linda's colourful list. And I find it pretty darn nice. And the best thing is that I know that Linda doesn't bother. I like being a copycat, I really like it.

  2. hehe. (;

    Absolutely, definitely true! I love your lists, and so I copy you.
    Thanks for not minding. (;

  3. Jeg DIGGER å lese andres lister... :)

  4. stakkar mette...;( God bedring.. ;o) Hilsen Thea Ps. liker sånne lister... Kanskje jeg også skal bli copycat..:o)

  5. And the very best thing about being sick is that you can scream for mummy whenever you want, without any good reason, and she'll come running (:

  6. Well, Eivind - true, but too bad I dont live at home anymore. :/

  7. Tenkte akkurat det samme... Stakkars Mette, nå skulle du vært hjemme hos a mor:)Jeg var jo hjemme, kunne ikke kjøre til Jaren med sommerdekk på bilen. Håper du er bedre i dag!God bedringklem fra mamma

  8. Er du syk? Stakkar deg! God bedring :)

  9. Var på torsdag. Bedre nå. :)

    Mamma: kan sjekke om du er hjemme neste gang. :)

  10. 11. I get free time to squish some avocados.


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