Wednesday, October 29, 2008


How nice it is with snow!

Cold, windy, snowy, wet and yet a bit dry. I love it and I brrr it.
This morning, we finally managed to get hold of a car with winter tyres (thanks, bro-in-law), and started on our 50 minutes drive to the office, already a good 30 minutes late ... But after driving about 35 minutes on the same distance I would spend 5 minutes on on a normal day, we decided to acknowledge the defeat of the weather and turn around. The radio told us there were tens and tens of cars driving off the road, sliding into eachother and even the ambulances and helpers are stuck in queue.
Seems we made a wise and grown up decision. (; Home office is a good sulotion to have.

There's something charmy and cosy about the weather showing powers. When you just have to stay home tucked in a wollen blanket, sipping cocoa and watching movies. Cause you simply cant step outside. I really appreciate the weather conditions we have here, that we are lucky enough to experience such a wide range of weather types. Makes you appreciate a good, warm, sunny summer day more.


  1. And I am not jealous. Not at all. Never.

    I got hot chocolate. But nothin' else.

    Poor me.

  2. Hey Mette,
    That is nice that you got snow and I am glad that you are thankful for it. Seems like things were interesting on the streets of Norway!! Happy Snow Days!


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