Monday, November 17, 2008

Coffeebars & Weddings

Hmmm ... Remembering how weekends felt as a kid. Two full days, ... just off. So many hours without school, going to bed twice without having to be waken by the alarm clock. How long the weekend was.
Now - what I feels is this: SWISH!

It was friday, and then it is monday. I love, love my weekends, but they pass so quickly, I'm starting to wonder if there really are 52 of them in a year. But when I look back, I realize I've done quite a lot during those two days. And had fun. And spent time with friends, making dinner, talking, laughing, eating lots of candy, cleaned my room, attended a wedding, preparing the coffee bar, and so on. :) And the weather was lovely.

The wedding was for a good friend of mine in the church, and it was such a nice wedding. I did the flower decorations for the feast, with some good help from friends. :)
Here's a shot of what they looked like.

We were also able to use the coffee bar at the wedding. My big sister and I are so lucky to be in charge of interior design etc and got to suggest what the whole thing is going to look like, design, colors everything. :) It's been so much fun! It's not finished and we had to cover things up in paper and cloths and stuff, but we put the pillows, blankets and lanterns out to use, and it all just looked sooo cozy already. :)
I cant wait for the 12th of december and the Big Opening and Ribbon Clipping!

A few sneak peaks of what it'll look like:


  1. All I can say is WOW.

  2. Jeg bare ELSKER kaffebaren vår! :D Dere er bare så sykt filnke (ja, du også Hege)!

    Var det ikke for at Fredheim var mitt andre hjem allerede, så hadde det hvertfall blitt det nå...!:D

  3. NYDELIG!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  4. psyko fint! Digger fargene!


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